Customised Dining Experiences

Our culinary experiences are a confluence of immersive experiences, innovative technology and sustainable concepts. From sourcing sustainable ingredients or supporting local products, every dish served at Singapore EXPO is set to accomplish the highest safety standards. By working with local partners that champion Singapore flavours and advocate sustainable farming, every dish tells a story of people, their culture and the times they live in.


Kinetic Kitchen

Our award-winning culinary team strives to deliver conference-scale F&B services to over a thousand guests in a seamless and efficient manner.

With a well-furnished kitchen equipped with top of the line R&D facilities, our environmental-friendly bentos are individually packed and cooked to perfection to meet the highest food safety measures.


Here at One77°, our team of chefs have a passion for their craft, a palate for quality and a penchant for exploring and rediscovering your favourite local flavours. We are firm believers that nothing brings people together like good food and everyone deserves a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

With every dish served with love and made from the freshest sustainably sourced ingredients, our doors are always open to diners looking for hearty and nutritious meals that will leave them coming back for more.


Our extraordinary private fine dining experience integrates art, food and spirit. From garden-fresh herbs harvested in our backyard to sourcing the best handpicked local produce, K2 embodies the spirit of sustainability, as we create appetising gourmet dishes to tease your taste buds.

Inspired by ModSin, Mediterranean and Modern Chinese plates, this bespoke setup serves a customised communal menu tailored to the preferences of our guests.

Mobile Kiosks And Conference F&B Packages

Covid-19 was a global reset for everyone. This prompted more and more businesses to turn towards technology to implement changes in the way people operate. Food service was no exception.

At large-scale MICE events, all F&B kiosks and food packages are distributed via Trace Together token check-ins alongside QR code options to ensure hands-free browsing of menu and selection. Keeping up with utmost hygiene standards, our SMM compliant venues offer mobile food kiosks and comprehensive F&B packages for a memorable culinary experience.