Singapore EXPO's journey to Net Zero



We know you care about the environment. So do we. But let's get real - the events industry typically create a lot of wastage and generate tons of carbon. We also know we can't insist on sustainability in all aspects. So what can we do to be part of the solution?

Here at Singapore EXPO, we've developed a framework to ensure that your events are executed as sustainably as possible. For us, it’s not just a case of removing single-use plastics, turning down the air-conditioning or buying carbon credits; but real structural changes that can make a difference.

Our goal? To be the most sustainable venue we can be and achieve net zero emissions by 2024.

And we’re ready to back you up with hard numbers – we’re developing a sustainability report card to share with you at the end of your event so that you can track and quantify your total emissions.

Ready to find out more? 

Clean & Green Energy

Every event needs energy – we can’t escape that fact. At Singapore EXPO, we are committed and equipped to meet your event energy needs with minimal impact to the environment.

By 2024, our venue will be 100% powered by solar energy, Singapore's largest solar-panelled roof in a single site. The solar-panelled roof will be equivalent to the size of 6.5 football fields and can generate enough energy to power 4,000 3-room apartments for a year. 

And not just at the main venue - we have installed high volume, low speed fans that are powered by solar energy in our food park so that our visitors can stay cool without air conditioning.

Go Car-Lite

Transport plays a big role in generating CO2 during events, so we’ve made it easy for your visitors to go car-lite. We're located just 10 minutes from the airport and easily accessed via public transport, with the EXPO train station being an interchange for two Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines.

For those who prefer to drive, we have partnered with Shell to create 20 electric vehicle charging points at our venue, making us the largest EV Charging Hub in Eastern Singapore. What’s more, these chargers will be powered by the solar energy generated by the solar panels on our roof - so we're basically harvesting the sun's energy to power your car.

Sustainable F&B

Our philosophy is to fill your tummies – not landfills!

With that in mind, our goal is to eliminate single-use plastics. All our F&B, including bentos and catering, come in eco-friendly packaging where possible. Water dispensers are provided within the halls and meeting room wing to encourage visitors to refill their water bottles.

We believe in consuming sustainably. To ensure your food comes from sustainable sources, we have as well as two herb gardens – see if you can taste our freshly plucked herbs in your meals!

We're also planning on building an urban vertical farm on our roof, with the fish waste water being used to water the plants.

For food that can’t come from our gardens, we work with suppliers and local partners who advocate sustainable farming and who care about the environment as much as we do.

What goes in must come out – and we can do this sustainably! We’ve installed a food digestor at our food park to turn food waste into water.

Reduce Wastage

Events typically generate a lot of wastage, so here at Singapore EXPO we try our best to reduce, reuse & recycle. Not only are our water bottles made of recycled plastics, the carpets in our meeting rooms are also made of recycled materials. Our modular structures, signages and furniture can be reused and recycled across different events to avoid adding to wastage.

For your event, we also offer FLEX – a flexible, reusable structure to reduce your stand building.


BCA Green Mark Award Platinum

World’s Most Connected Countries

Strategically located along the world’s major trade, shipping and aviation routes. With flights from 400 cities in 100 countries and territories, Singapore is easily accessible from just about anywhere in the world.

Centered at the heart of Southeast Asia

Singapore is a business gateway offering global organisations access to the fast-evolving Asian region and beyond.

Home to World Class Facilities

Established event venues (like us!) and infrastructure, Singapore offers an empowering environment for hosting successful business events.

A Multicultural Hub

As a multicultural hub, Singapore invites you to experience the charming blend of heritage and new metropolis. Multilingual as we are, English is our working language, making communication a breeze for almost everyone.

Green City

Finally, Singapore is known for being a safe city with low crime rates. Be completely at ease while taking a solo walkabout around the island after hours and see a different side to the Lion City.