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Your Safety is our Priority

Drawing from our experience as part of the nation's largest Community Care Facility, here's how we ensure safety management measures are always in place.


To ensure a COVID-safe working environment for all, we give utmost priority to safety and cleanliness measures across the rubric of places, processes and people.


  • Increased sanitation and disinfection
  • Lift buttons and handrails - Treated with microbial tech
  • UV light disinfectant
  • Regular carpet shampooing
  • Improved air quality with high quality MERS-14 filters
  • Audited SG Clean certification
  • Linen-free tables
  • Acrylic dividers on tables
  • Escalator handrail UV light


  • Online pre-reg/Health declaration
  • Staggered timings for arrivals
  • Contactless registration via QR code / mobile
  • Designated entry/exit for each event space
  • Staggered timings for meal breaks
  • Plated meals & bentos
  • In-seat tea breaks
  • Contact tracing app


  • Staff protection (mask, acrylic shield)
  • Must wear mask
  • Maintain safe distancing
  • Mask fitting and infection control training
  • Temperature screening
  • Hand hygiene
  • Safe distancing ambassadors